Manage data quality at scale through advanced automation

With Qualytics you can build trust and confidence in your enterprise data ecosystem through automated profiling, quality rule inference, anomaly detection, and remediation.

Inferred & Authored

Data Quality Checks

With Qualytics, you can easily manage both inferred and authored Data Quality Checks. Use our intuitive controls to adjust parameters and tags, paving the way for tailored actions when specific conditions are met.

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Adapt to Your Needs

Flexible Authored Checks

Qualytics embraces complexity to suit your unique requirements. We support a broad spectrum of data quality checks, from basic to advanced. Our platform can craft checks that cross-validate data between different sources, whether it’s object storage systems or databases, such as ensuring values in a file align with those in a table.

Row & Field Level

Anomaly Detection

Dive deep with Qualytics’ versatile anomaly detection, spotting inconsistencies both at the row (record) and field (shape) levels. Get a comprehensive view of every anomaly, complete with the affected record’s values and details from the linked data quality checks.

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Smart deduced suggestions

Remediation Guidance

When your historic data points to a probable correct value for an anomaly, we’ll bring it to your attention. These suggested values are not only spotlighted during anomaly review, but they also stand out in your enrichment datastore, priming you for downstream actions.

Continuous Learning

Anomaly Supervision

Our system allows you to provide feedback to the supervised learning methods behind anomalies, continuously improving its anomaly detection while keeping a concise worklist for you.

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Deep Dive Into Your Data

Data Profiling

Our profiling analyzes the raw structure and content of your data, identifying fields, collecting statistics, and crafting robust metadata profiles. This empowers not only precise data quality checks but also paves the way for detailed statistical insights and customized use cases.

Keep Your Data Fresh


Freshness tracking is a core aspect of data quality. Set up SLAs for your data, and we’ll keep an eye on them, ensuring your information always meets the freshness standards you define.

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Stay Informed

Tailored Notifications

Set up notifications and choose how you want to be informed, whether it’s email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. Personalize these notifications, and use tags along with contextual details to guide downstream workflows. This ensures you’re always updated and ready to respond.

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Drive Decisions with Data


Leverage executive reports to establish the foundation and measure the impact of your data quality initiatives. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and showcase your program’s success.

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Data Confidence

Qualytics will ensure reliability at every stage in the data lifecycle

Step 1

Data Quality Checks​

Profile historic data to infer 85% of rules via machine learning
Author unique rules for your business needs
Rules evolve over time based on your feedback
Step 2

Anomaly Detection​

Run scans on actuals to detect anomalous records
Identify both record and column level anomalies
Mark anomaly status to adjust/tighten/loosen tolerances of the checks
Step 3


Tags are utilized to drive notifications
Trigger downstream workflows via multiple integrations
Ensure future accuracy and reliability of data by solving issues at the source