Release 2024.03.29

Feature Enhancements

Data Preview:

  • Introducing the “Data Preview” tab, providing users with a streamlined preview of container data within the platform. This feature aims to enhance the user experience for tasks such as debugging checks, offering a grid view showcasing up to 100 rows from the container’s source.

  • Data Preview Tab: Implemented a new tab for viewing container data, limited to displaying a maximum of 100 rows for improved performance.

  • Filter Support: Added functionality to apply filter clauses to the data preview, enabling users to refine displayed rows based on specific criteria.

  • UI Caching: Implemented a caching layer within the UI to enhance performance and reduce unnecessary network requests, storing the latest refreshed data along with applied filters.

Enhanced Syntax Highlight Inputs

  • Improved the syntax highlight inputs for seamless inline editing, minimizing the friction of entering expressions. This feature includes a dual-mode capability, allowing users to type directly within the input field or utilize an expanded dialog for more complex entries, significantly improving user experience.

Volumetric Measurements

  • Periodically measure container volumetrics for a more robust approach. This update focuses on measuring only containers without a volume measure in the last 24 hours and scheduling multiple runs of the job daily.

Sort Tags by Color

  • Users can now sort tags by color, visually grouping similar colors for easier navigation and management.

Download Source Records

  • Added a “Download Source Records” feature to the Anomaly view in the UI, allowing users to export data held in the enrichment store for that anomaly in CSV format.

Check Templates Navigation

  • Implemented a breadcrumb trail for the Check Template page to improve user navigation.

General Fixes

Fix Scheduling Issues:

  • Resolved scheduling issues affecting specific sets of containers, particularly impacting scheduled profile and scan operations. Users must manually add new profiles after catalog operations or computed file/table creation for inclusion in existing scheduled operations.

  • Fix Notifications Loading Issue on Large Screens

  • Fixed an issue where the infinity loading feature for the user notification list was not functioning properly on large screens. The fix ensures correct triggering of infinity loading regardless of screen size, allowing all notifications to be accessed properly.

General fixes and improvements

As usual, our User Guide and accompanying Change Log captures more details about this release.

BY Team Qualytics / ON Mar 29, 2024