Release 2023.10.23

Feature Enhancements

New Simplified, Streamlined Navigation

Tree View now organizes your data assets into intuitive, nested dropdowns, allowing users to easily drill down to tables, files, and even fields that are of interest.

Within the Tree, users are dynamically presented with stats and options that are relevant to their current view (eg: Datastore, table, and field-level tag management)

Click Here to see Tree View in Action

Aggregation Comparison Check

  • New Rule Added: Ensure valid comparisons by checking the legitimacy of operators between two aggregation expressions.

  • Improved Monitoring: Conduct in-depth comparisons, such as verifying if total row counts match across different source assets.

Efficient Synchronization for Schema Changes:

  • Seamless Integration: Our system now adeptly synchronizes schema changes in source datastores with Qualytics profiles.

  • Avoid Potential Errors: We reduced the risk of creating checks with fields that have been removed or altered in the source datastore.

Clarity in Quality Check Editors:

Distinct Update Sources: Easily identify if an update was made manually by a user or automatically through the API.

Dynamic Quality Score Updates:

Live Anomaly Status Integration: Marking an anomaly as resolved now has an instant positive impact on Quality Score.

As usual, our User Guide and accompanying Change Log captures more details about this release.

BY Team Qualytics / ON Oct 23, 2023